Monday, July 20, 2009

It's summer...

"Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.

A few of those days and you can become drunk
with the belief that all's right with the world."

~ Ada Louise Huxtable ~

Hi my friends,

thanks, thanks, thanks.... for all your nice comments to my posts from yesterday, the day before - and for all the future comments, coming up....LOL... Your loyal friendship means a lot to me :)

Today is also a special day for us to celebrate: it is on the day exactly 6 month ago, when we started with our travels - and we are still on the road and still not tired of it at all, even it's sounds maybe sometimes that way....LOL...

Looking back to this wonderful 6 months on the road I have to say: We don't regret at all and we are happy we made this decision to give a new challenge to our lifes and to go on these roads and to see this wonderful country. "What a country", indeed!!! :)

We have seen a lot of beautiful, amazing places, we met many friendly people, made a lot of new friends, we had great experiences and wonderful moments we will never forget anymore!

And, we have still not found THAT little, pretty place for us to settle down again, there are to many great choices available :) this country is so big and it makes it very hard to make the right desicion, where to be for the rest of our life. I guess, the time is not here just now for something like that - so then, we will travel more - until the day comes and we will say: yes, that it is, here we will stay! Interesting, right....? :)

See you on our next destination, tomorrow or then the other day....stay with me!
Susanne and David


The Retired One said...

Please consider traveling up north to see the shores of Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan...
come when the weather is still will LOVE the scenary!

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

"The Retired One" is right! If you haven't treated yourself to the Upper Peninsula and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore yet, you owe it to yourselves to fit it in! ~Don't know if you've run across JJ's blog yet, but "Nature Shows & Dreams" is full of great Michigan photographs and destinations.

Barbara Doduk said...

Thanks for the comments, I love cats too.... I am doing the BLOGATHON this weekend to raise money for the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, so there will be lots of photos and stories about the kitties.

Barbara Doduk
The Love Blog

richies said...

What a great photo. I love the way a hay bales look in the field. I really dislike it when the hay is wrapped in white plastic. It looks like a field of giant marshmallows.

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