Friday, May 08, 2009

The Magic of Santa Fe, NM

Fine Art Museum

San Franciskus statue in front of the Cathedral in Santa Fe

A modern version of San Franciskus - I call him "the happy Franciskus"

No flash allowed in the Cathedral!

The first Native American to be promoted a Saint,
her name was: Kateri Tekakwitha, 1656 - 1680

A close up detail shot of the sculpture

The entrance to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

The Mission San Miguel

"The Lensic" - a Performing Art Center

The oldest house in the U.S. is in Santa Fe

The Dalai Lama Center

One of all the many galleries in Santa Fe

An other colorful gallery

You can buy everything tasteful in Santa Fe, it has not to be just art :)

The place where all the Natives are selling their beautiful jewelry

At the Plaza are also other vendors selling their art work...

Like this photographer we met and had an interesting small talk with him about...yes, about what?.... photography, of course :)

Dave got hungry - but the restaurant was NOT good and I don't recommend it for many reasons! Ask me why first before you're planning to go there, I'll tell you the story! :)

Again, the architecture is just beautiful!

We rather would have gone for a Pizza in this colorful pretty Pizzeria!

Inviting decors for shopping also in the streets

Window shopping - I LOVE turquoise!

Colorful red hot Chili peppers, also pretty for decorations in the house

Hi my friends,

I hope you'll enjoy my small collection of photos for this post :) Santa Fe is beautiful, it's magic, yes! I would go there anytime again and I would even stay the whole summer. I have enjoyed every single hour there!

Today we arrived in Colorado already. The landscapes were again beautiful and amazing! The weather is great and warm, also here. I'll show you pictures for sure :)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments from yesterday!

Susanne and David


tricia said...

Wonderful post Susanne. Love all the photos. So you're in my home state now? I'm anxious to see what photos you will choose to post of Colorado. (Do you know about the Sand Dunes?)

Bob Johnson said...

Very cool post Susanne, very interesting, lots of history and some fantastic shots.

The Retired One said...

I would have bought up all that turquoise...I love it too!!
Nice shots!

FishHawk said...

Wow, you sure captured the charm of Santa Fe. I hope you-all made it over to Taos while you were so close.

Philmont Boy Scout Ranch was also close in Cimarron, NM, but that would have been a little far off of your path. Spending a couple of weeks there in the summer of 1971 is one of the fondest memories of my childhood.

Anna said...

Oh Susanne, thanks for sharing those architecture photos, they are just amazing. Wow, you two really finding beautiful treasures. Anna :)

santa fe lover said...

Ja, ich hätte Santa Fe geliebt, tatsächlich! Interessante Architektur, Spiritualität und Kunst an jeder Ecke machen diesen Ort magisch. Falls ihr euch in Santa Fe niederlässt, werde ich euch sofort besuchen kommen:-))

Marian Love Phillips said...

My step-daughter and family lives there and my husband (her Dad) and I just love going to visit her. If you go to my site and look in the Sep. 07 archives and Oct 1-18you will see their new home with paintings, etc. They now live outside Santa Fe on top of a high hill and have a 360 degree view. It is breath taking. I love your pictures of Santa Fe...very nice! That is Bill Worrell's gallery you took a pic of.


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