Thursday, May 14, 2009

Living in a Desert Town

Coming from the Grand Canyon going trough "The Painted Desert" on HWY-89 North, we had to climb up this steep road, called "Antelope Pass". The light was getting just beautiful on that late afternoon!

From Bitter Springs, the highway climbs onto the Kaibito Plateau hugging the cliff face to a spectacular road cut at Antelope Pass.

We stopped at the top of the Pass to have a look back to the Valley where we came from

After climbing up the "Antelope Pass" this was the view we got to see - breathtaking!

Fantastic scenery in a wonderful evening light on the left side of the road, driving towards Page,AZ

The road to "Monument Valley"

The devils Tower, visible from Page,AZ

Devils Tower
rises 1267 feet above the Belle Fourche River. Once hidden, erosion has revealed Devils Tower. This 1347 acre park is covered with pine forests, woodlands, and grasslands. Deer, prairie dogs, and other wildlife are seen.
Also known as Bears Lodge, it is a sacred site for many American Indians.

President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower the first national monument in 1906.

Approaching Page, Lake Powell and Glen Canyon dam come into view.

situated on a mesa in extreme north-central Arizona, is the gateway to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell. Created as a company town for the construction of Glen Canyon Dam in the 1960s, it has steadily grown, adding more and more amenities not usually experienced in a small desert town.
Read more about Page in Arizona here

Several films have been shot in the Page area including:

* Into the Wild (2007)
* Hulk (2003)
* Evolution (2000)
* Planet of the Apes (2000)
* Broken Arrow (1996)
* Maverick (1994)
* Highway to Hell (1990)
* Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991)
* Superman III (1983)
* Thunder Warrior (1983)
* Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)
* The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
* Planet of the Apes (1968)
* The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

Hi my friends,

I'm so glad you liked my Grand Canyon shots! It was really quite a great experience to see those magnificent mountains! Thanks for all the kind comments.

Since 3 days now we are here in this pretty desert town Page in Arizona. Dave doesn't feel well, he got diagnosed yesterday with severe bronchitis, got some Antibiotics and we are stuck now maybe for another day, waiting and hoping for better days soon for him. :)

I hope you'll enjoy this post the same like you did our Grand Canyon trip.

Stay with me!
Susanne and David


FishHawk said...

WOW!!! Will you-all take me with you the next time? I promise to be at least litter box trained.

Gran said...

Terrific! I'm living vicariously through your experiences!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos.

Marcie said...

The colors of the red rock is absolutely breath-taking. Such a wonderful 'journey'!!!

FishHawk said...

Hey, I had a thought about another adventure that you-all might want to go on. It would involve searching for Star Valley, which is supposed to be fairly close to Jackson Hole, WY. I was told about the place by people who live in the kind of country that most people can only imagine in their dreams, which made me think that Star Valley must be almost magical.

Of course, it all depends upon whether you-all were planning on making a swing through Yellowstone or not. For the Jackson Hole area is not far from there, and it might be nothing more than a legend, anyway. For the place is not located on any maps that I have seen, but if it really does exist, an old-timer around Jackson Hole might be able to tell you how to get there.

By the way, if you-all do decide to make a trip to Yellowstone, try to stop at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY. When I was last there in 1986, they had an extensive Winchester Arms wing, and several original Charles M. Russell paintings.

This Makes My Day said...

Impressive red colored mountains, your photos are amazing like always dear Sue! Enjoy your stay in this beautiful place!
Have a great weekend!

DianeCA said...

I love the painted desert, it is really amazing, especially the colors. was it very hot there??? it looks hot!

Aaron Soares said...

reminds me on when I was living in AZ!

Double "D" said...

Isn't the Southwest grand? 2 years ago I traveled all the same roads and your photos bring back wonderful memories. Being from the midwest, the scenery here just blew me away.

The North American continent has so much variety to offer. You're doing just a magnificent job with your opportunities. Safe travels.


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