Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's like out of a fairy book!

On the way up to the Bryce Canyon

First we had to pass trough the "Red Canyon"

And this was the picture I have seen there: The majestic Bryce Canyon!

The elevation was more than 8000 feet - and I could feel it very well, the air was thin and I had a hard time to breath.
No wonder people say: The Bryce Canyon is breathtaking :)

Tourists from all over the world came to see this wonder work of Mother Nature, I heard also Swiss people discussion the amazing view :)

I can only say: Enjoy these view!

Speechless about so much beauty

The "magic" entrance - to another world maybe ? :)

The full view (with my wide angle lens)

Close up shot (300mm lens)

It looks almost like the temples of Bali :)

I couldn't get enough to photograph these "Hoodoos" :)

I can not say which one of the two Canyons are more beautiful - they are bot majestic and so different from each other. I liked them both and I'm so lucky and happy that I had the chance to visit both of them.

Hi my friends,

Grand Canyon - Bryce Canyon and all the other pretty places we went trough.... I have seen now so many beautiful and amazing landscape in our pretty soon 4 moths of traveling and every state here in the U.S. has his own beauty to share with us. I'm often totally overwhelmed about the beauty of America - and about the size too...LOL...

We are just now almost in Salt Lake City in Utah. I like this green state with its still snow covered mountains and with all the green valleys. It's very special!

Dave is still recovering from his bronchitis, but he is getting better every day, so we have to move on a little bit slower as usual, heading probably up to Montana - slowly, one day we will be there.... :)

Thanks for all your kind comments and visits, I appreciate every single one!

Stay tuned with me... :)
Susanne and David


Muslim said...

Hi Susanne! Very beautiful photos and very lovely blog ... I'm really like your page!!!

tricia said...

Susanne these photos are absolutely spectacular. Just breathtaking.

Sue said...

Beautiful landscape; wonderfully captured.

The Retired One said...

Amazing parts of the country which I hope to someday visit.
I saw there were two spellings: Brice and Bryce Canyon...which is correct?

Bob Johnson said...

Simply stunning photography Susanne!

Carole said...

Bryce Canyon looks fabulous. I love the rich red colours.

kRiZ cPEc said...

I was blown away by these...thanks for sharing.

Aaron Soares said...

I'll love to go to Bryce Canyon and spend weeks there, with my camera of course!!!


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