Monday, April 27, 2009

What's the story behind...?

David wanted to buy a new bumper for the back of our RV. We drove to a shop where they were selling all kind of parts in Carthage,Missouri.

They promise on their website to find every single part you need for your vehicle, but we could not find a bumper for ours!

Colaw RV Parts & Salvage
is undisputedly the nation's leading provider for the RV part and salvage business. Our facility is conveniently located in Carthage, MO.

While David was talking with the guys and walking around in the mud to find something acceptable, I was snapping some pictures of these sad looking damaged vehicles.

Some were just out of service because of their age, but this one looks like it was in a big accident.

It's not visible in the picture, but in the hole in the upper right corner was even a little bird nesting. What a great and secure place for that new bird family...right? :)

Many of them were in a rack. I thought, they were all very sad looking buses and RV's - I would love to know some of the stories behind them!

Hi my friends,

Thank you again for all the nice comments and for all your visits to my blog, even you're not commenting (anymore?) :)

We are back in Oklahoma again and are gambling and hoping to win some money in the beautiful casinos here in the region. Last night we had a very heavy thunderstorm that was shaking our little RV like crazy. We don't know where to go just now, maybe more East if the weather is good over there. We have planned also to visit my only one cousin I never have met, living in Nashville.

Or it's better maybe to wait until it's warmer with all our plans going to the East coast and spend more time in the warmer Southwest of the States...? We really don't know...!

And reading about the outbreak of these new "swine flu" cases doesn't makes our travels easy anymore - scary stuff is going one, people!

Stay tuned with me!
Susanne and David


Our summer job in Branson's RV Park doesn't worked out for us in many reasons - we are now "free" again and open to new adventures. Two artists - that's we! - are not made for working on regulated places, I guess...LOL... :)


Anonymous said...

I too would like to know the stories behind those old wrecks. The weather seems a little crazy everywhere, but of course you're in a really wild weather area. Sorry the job didn't work out.

Gran said...

I hope you win lots of money!

Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

I love pictures of wrecked stuff.

Thanks for posting.

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Carole said...

great images of the sad looking wrecks.

Bob Johnson said...

Hey Susanne, what a cool idea taking the wreck images, I too, often wonder about their stories when I wonder as I do sometimes through car graveyards looking for parts.

The Retired One said...

Some of these look terrifying..if they were car accidents, I doubt if some of the driver's survived!!
How awful!

The Retirement Chronicles

Narelle said...

These photos reminded me of our Perth holiday a few years ago when we rented a caravan, I made a sudden sharp turn and the whole van overturn...luckily my two kids were unhurt but the father broke his arm...

kRiZ cPEc said...

whatever...take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Its is truly an RV graveyard.
Once I saw boats in Miami sitting in Marinas like this and wondered why people didn't look after their boat.
But then, back then, I never thought maybe there was a hurricane or tornado that did this. I would have thought knowing something was coming, people would pull their boats out of water.
Not pretty.
The RV's look like the drivers might have been killed.
I guess the drivers are in the greatest danger behind the wheels of these beauties.


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