Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleek and Shiny Big-Boy-Toys

This weekend is the "Branson Collector Car Auction" in the Conventions Center in Branson, MO - and I was there with my camera!

If you've been having a problem finding any cars worthy of adding to your car collection, then the Branson Collector Car Auction is certainly an event you should check out. Held at the Branson Convention Center, this semi-annual auction showcases some of the most elusive and unique cars in all of the midwest area. Alfa Romeos, Cadillacs, Impalas, corvettes, Ford "T" Buckets, Mustangs and Shelby Mustang GTs are just a small sample of what has been offered at previous auctions. Trucks, motorcycles and even the occasional high end golf cart will all find their way into the auction every now and then as well!

I hope you'll enjoy "my version" of capturing all those beautiful old cars!

Pink Chevrolet

A Packard

Purple Chevrolet 1948 or 1949

my abstract version of the Chevy

"B" is for Bentley

The Swan

Steering wheel of a Silver Chevy 1957

Sparkling lights on a Packard

Close up of the Packard light and mirror

A blue Cadillac 1954

Front figure of the blue Cadillac

White Corvette 1955

Cadillac 12V

Front figure of the Cadillac 12V

The Cadillac had a sticker on the back side: Roosevelt for President!

Desoto in light blue

Il piccolo FIAT 600

It's not hard to guess what kind of car this one is...right?

Red Corvette

What a beauty, this red Chevrolet!

Red Thunderbird 1956

White Cadillac Eldorado with a silver top

The Yellow Bernardi

Green Jaguar 1961

The King of the "Kings of the road" was a Duesenberg, 1933

Wire wheels of the Duesenberg

Front view of the red "king" - beauty and perfection!
The car will go for $750'000 or even up to $1 Mio!

Hi my friends,

I LOVE to see old cars - and more I do love to photograph them! It was a joy and big pleasure to see them yesterday and today. We spent almost 3 hours there and watched the guys bringing them in and driving them out of the auction room.

Oh, by the way....thanks for all your nice comments to my last post. :)

Stay with me and see you later!
Susanne and David


Peter (Worldman): said...

Beautiful Big Boy toys. I don't think that I ever will be a Big Boy. :-(

So, I am settling with my 1992 Mini Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Wow-- knockout cars! I love the way you photographed them. Great-great shots Susanne. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

My husband frequently "drags" me to antique car shows and I am learning how to appreciate the beauty that each one holds as well as the challenges in photographing the cars in the show setting. You have met the challenge very well; highlighting some interesting cars and their unique features. Nicely done.

Endment said...

I drove cars just like several of those cars... My first car was a model A Ford, the second a blue 56 Chevy... Beautiful memories.

Double "D" said...

susanne, these are beautiful creative photos
of grand old cars. Looks like your trip has
been incredible. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

The Retired One said...

I am so glad you showed us those hood ornaments too..they were fantastic!!
I drooled over those cars!~

The Retirement Chronicles

Carole said...

Fabulous set of car images Susanne I love them especially the purple one. What a vivid colour. WOW

Bob Johnson said...

Awesome car shots, love the 56 T Bird

Anna said...

Hey Susanne, not a big fan of big boy toys, but these are 'damn' good photos, excellent angles. Anna :)

silken said...

very cool shots!


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