Monday, April 13, 2009

Oklahoma - here we are!

We left Amarillo this morning and had 250 miles to drive to Oklahoma City, that was our goal for today - we didn't made it! We were to late already from start on, but what's up... we are arrived save in Cherokee El Rino in Oklahoma for our night place in a campground.

These photos are again some nice landscape impressions from the route today

This yellow bridge in the picture is the real good old Route 66 that is following I-40 for long way.

In Oklahoma changed the soil color to red again, and it's a very intensive red - different and much stronger than I have seen in Arizona

Pretty red hills on the horizon
(all the picture are click able to see it bigger)

It seems for me that Oklahoma is a farming state

And another pretty landscape
(all the photos were captured out of my window)

Hi my friends,

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments to my sunset photos (with horses) from yesterday. I'm happy you liked it! :)

Some days ago I made a remark here on my blog that we have "new decisions to make". I have not forgotten to keep my promise and to tell you what's all about.

O.k., we've decided to make new experiences and give our travels a deeper meaning, that's why we decided to do a summer job as "work campers" in Branson, Missouri. That's the reason why we are heading to East again. :)

What is work camping?
It sounds so far to be something fun - we will see :))

We will be on a very nice campground located on a pretty lake and close to Down Town Branson, where a lot of theaters/shows of famous singers and entertainers are. We will be working a total of 24 hrs a week for a free parking space and the rest of the week we are off and we will enjoy everything what Branson has to offer.

I hope, we will like it, we absolutely don't know what we are expecting because we never have done something like that before. But it's never to late to start something new in life for collecting new impressions, to meet other new and fun people and to learn also some new stuff. We will have also the possibility to visit all the famous shows for free or almost free.

The summer in the hills and on the lake in Branson is much more enjoyable than the hot deserts of Nevada or Arizona. This was one of the biggest reasons for us to choose Branson,MO as our new place to stay over summer time.

Cross your fingers for us that everything will come as we are wishing for. :)

I will have hopefully more time for my blogging again and for visiting also all your great blogs and to bring a lot of new photos from an other beautiful place in this pretty country!

Stay with me and see you later,
Susanne and David


Peter (Worldman): said...

Well, as you are travelling fast and a lot, I think that your "summer job" will give you the chance to stay "put" for a certain time. And perhaps to relax too? I doubt it, as you will be working 24 hours per week. But you will see many things and, surely, meet a lot of nice people.

Take care


PS. I am leaving for Sri Lanka on April 30.

Anonymous said...

I think your plans for the summer sound exciting. Beautiful country around Branson. I hope it all goes as you hope and you have the best summer of your lives.

Carole said...

Great photos Sue i love the last landscape best of all. The soil is such a vibrant red.

Barbara said...

Love your captures of the Olkahoma country side. The 4th one really made me stop and enlarge as the many colors and that lone tree really caught my eye. Beautiful. I love your horse and sunset shots as well. Happy Traveling
Smiles B

Gaston Studio said...

That red in the soil is unbelievable. Am used to Georgia red clay, but nothing like what you have in OK. Do you have any idea what mineral makes it so red? Assuming it's a mineral!

Your summer job sounds fascinating!

The Retired One said...

How exciting! I have heard that Branson is really pretty.
Maybe you will get some photos of famous entertainers too, and they will want you as their personal photographer! You never know!!

The Retirement Chronicles

silken said...

sounds like a fun opportunity!! good luck!

Gran said...

Sounds like a great summer job!

Marcie said...

WOW! You're putting in amazing mileage. Love the landscape!!!

Aree said...

WOW!!!! amazing.

Anna said...

Hey Susanne, Oklahoma is beautiful, and I really enjoyed your last photo. Anna :)

Phototherapy said...

I like this serie of bridges, well done!


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