Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leaving Tucson,AZ to Las Cruces in New Mexico

We've enjoyed our stay in Tucson (for two days) very much - but we had to go on and we were on the road traveling back on I-10 to East

I made many, many photos again, of course, how can I not do that...LOL... :)
The landscapes are just to beautiful!
(btw, all the photos are made out of my window, while driving)

The trees, the colors, the mountains - everything is in harmony!

The pistachio trees in the warm valley are growing fast

Crossing back the State line from Arizona to New Mexico

In this part of New Mexico we had no dust storms, but I will show you in my next post some pictures with stormy conditions close to Albuquerque.
It was not nice to drive trough!

Have you ever seen snake eggs, a snake head or a real Rattelsnake...? yuck, I don't want to see that "snake stuff" at all... :))

Pretty landscape again...

Pastoral scene...

The way to Palomas, Mexico - the Border Patrol was very active again in this region

Wild horses...

Arriving in a warm evening sun light in Las Cruces, NM and we had a nice RV place to stay

Las Cruces NM
Nestled in the fertile Mesilla Valley between the majestic Organ Mountains and the meandering Rio Grande, Las Cruces, New Mexico is quickly becoming a popular southwestern destination

Hi my friends,

Thank you all for all your nice comments! Since we are on the road again it's hard to get good connections again...the same old song, right??? :))

Just now we are already back in Texas, up in the panhandle. We plan to stay here 2 nights and tomorrow I will have more time to post about the last two days - stay tuned and see you there! :)

Susanne and David


Ron Russell said...

Excellent photos of your trip in the southwest. Seeing the sign about snakes reminded me of my early trips to that part of the country as a young man. I would always have to stop at those places. Last time I was out that way we stayed on the interstate---miss so much of the country that way. Next trip I will stay on the old roads and see the real southwest.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got some beautiful, beautiful pics-- again! I really love the one with the windmill. Are you going to Santa Fe?

Anonymous said...

excellent landscape my friend. and the mountain looks great. well done

Susie said...

I love the photos, hopefully I will be able to take a trip like that one day.

birdy said...

Amazing explanatory photos. You make me fell like I'm visiting with you. Thanks for sharing.

The Retired One said...

I loved the one with wild horses!
I have never seen them in the neat that you not only saw them, but were able to capture them on camera too!

have a nice Easter..sure hope you can fit that ham in your RV's oven!

The Retirement Chronicles

Mari' said...

All of your photography is wonderful. More so, your photos of New Mexico are very well done and really capture my heart. I have good memories of living there. This is indeed the time of year for dust storms and they are tough. We call it 'sand season'. I don't miss 'sand season.'

Anna said...

Susanne lol I didn't know that pistachio grew on the trees, but then if I think about it, where else would they grow. These are in fact beautiful landscapes, hope you have enough storage to store them all. Anna :)

Leann said...

these are some amazing shots. please feature them on the bizymoms Las-cruces community page, I am sure the mom’s will love them.


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