Monday, March 02, 2009

Leaving Port Aransas to New Braunfels,Tx

Last Sunday we left Port Aransas with the Ferry to Aransas Pass, a maybe 5 minutes drive over to the other side.

A very long Mexican train was crossing our way in Aransas Pass

Do you know how a "mirage" looks like? It's like in this photo's like the houses and trees are standing in deep open waters - but they are not. Texas is flat, flat,flat and the weather was warm and this makes the phenomena of a "Fata Morgana", like some people call a "mirage" also.

After driving for more than 2.5 hours over flat land in Texas, we drove into San Antonio, a big city with a very big traffic, where I never ever could imagine to be living here! We were searching for New Braunfels, our next goal for the night.

Finally we arrived in Down Town of New Braunfels, a nice little town with a lot of Germans living here, their roots are going back to the first settlers coming to this place in 1842 from Germany.

This is absolutely a wonderful mural that shows the settlers arriving on a beach and celebrating Christmas together at the beach. (click in the photo to see it bigger)

This painted script tells the back story of the German settlers

We have discovered there a typical German Restaurant named "Friesenhaus" und we went in to try the German food. For me: 3 typical German Sausages with "Bratkartoffeln" and Sauerkraut... of course! Dave had a "Sauerbraten" and "Spaetzle" and blue cabagge - and of course a real, good German beer. And I can tell you, it was very good!!! :))

Obviously we missed the life music with the "Lederhosen-Guys", they don't play on Sunday evening anymore!

Click on the picture to read it bigger. We've enjoyed our food very much. I just cannot drink beer anymore without to be a little bit tipsy after one glass only... LOL...well...we are not planning either to eat every day in a German Restaurant, to many calories.....! :)

Hy my friends,

Thanks for all your kind comments to my first video and for the support and suggestions for doing more of them - I will, I promise. :)

Tomorrow, Monday we will discover the Hill Country region here, going to Luckenbach (well known as a place where people gathering together, play country music and sing together) Today are only 3 habitants living in Luckenbach! We want also go to Friedericksburg, with something over 8000 habitants. In this two places are also a lot of German settlers and Amish people living and they are still speaking their original German Motherlanguage. I'm not German myself, but I would love to speak some words in German again. We will see.... :))


Dakota Bear said...

Your making progress. The German food sounds delicious. Did you see the Riverwalk in San Antonio?

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in San Antonio-- the River Walk is something to see. New Braunfels is where I got my first speeding ticket in 1963. (I've only had two so I don't want to make it sound like it has been my hobby) The hill country of Texas looks very much like where I live now in California. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. I guess I said that before, but I'm really enjoying it. :)

Sue said...

Like the others hinted...I certainly hope you "explored" San Antonio more fully, especially the River Walk (at night!!!!) Beautiful.

silken said...

Fredericksburg is nice, lots of shops and if you can make it out to Enchanted Rock, it's a nice climb. I've never made it to Luchenbach, but there is a place out there where bats come out at dusk from an old railroad tunnel. pretty cool if you can find it. New Braunfels is a fun place too.


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