Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Charming and Pretty Town in Texas

This afternoon we took a stroll down the Main Street in Friedericksburg, Tx. A pretty and very photogenic town with a lot of charm. The main street is the "Main Street" or in German they call it "Hauptstrasse" - there were all the shops are and the restaurants and some of the B&B's

More pretty house fronts - I have photographed many more, but it would be to boring for you to show them all...LOL...

I liked this facade very much!

Gillespie County Jail Fredericksburg, TX

County of Gillespie This two-story stone structure served as the fourth jail for Gillespie County, organized in 1848. It was constructed by the firm of C. F. Priess and Bro. in 1885. The ground floor housed a holding area and living quarters for the jailer. the second floor had two steelclad cells located against the east wall and maximum security cells in the center and at the back. The building was used as a county jail facility until 1939.

We spent more than an hour looking around in this real old General Store and I was very impressed. You can find here now everything - and everything means: EVERTHING you need in your life - I love this kind of stores! :))

The Brewery of Friedericksburg - a must to visit and to taste!

We went inside and had a snack together and of course: a beer too! It was good that our RV was parked far outside of the town and we had to walk some time until we got back. And if you are on the road with me, it takes always a lot of time to get back to the point where you started - a photographer sees a lot of subjects to capture everywhere she walks.

The tree of life, a metal sculpture in a park

The roots of the German language is in this town all over visible. "Willkommen" means "welcome" and makes to enter that door so much easier, right? btw, it is NOT the tax office...LOL... :)

A lot of people are collectors of all kind of goods - and these are miniature cowboy boots in porcelain, a very colorful collectors item.

It is nice warm and beginning spring time here in Friedrickburg - you cannot miss the signs of spring all over town!

This is the sunset in Friedericksburg Texas!

Fredericksburg is a city of beauty and charm. Its founding includes a rich history of people making a good life in a new place with the help of friends and neighbors. Working together, they created a city where all could live up to their potential, participate in activities and benefit from services to enhance the quality of their lives. The spirit of working together to create a beautiful, livable place is still alive today in Fredericksburg. And that spirit is responsible for the ambiance of the city today.

Read more about history of this town here

Hi my friends,

Thank you all for your loyal visits to my blog and for all the nice comments and compliments too. I appreciate that very much and I'm happy to see the faces of them who are visiting - but I'm asking myself also, why other don't come anymore...

I know, I know.... looking at traveling photos from somebody else is not the same like to be on that journey your self. I try to show you as much as possible from my sight of view and with my feelings of the places that we are visiting and with my own stumbling words - and I hope, I don't bor you to much. :))

Tomorrow, we will leave from here and moving on towards our next bigger goal: somewhere in New Mexico. Stay tuned! I'm looking forward to our new adventures and I hope to see you too, traveling with me.


Peter (Worldman): said...

Of course, showing us pictures is not the same things as if we would do the journey ourselves. But you put such a variety of sights that it feels as if we did the journey ourselves. I enjoy it very much and I loved the sights of Friederiksburg and of Luckenbach in your previous post.

I know that this trip takes a lot of your time to see new things, to show them to us and to make us "gluschtig". And I think that, most probably, in a long time to come, when you have settled again, you should consider making a photo book about your trip.

kRiZ cPEc said...

then there must be some authentic German dishes served. Thanks for sharing

Susie said...

They are such lovely pictures. I've always dreamed of a trip like yours... maybe some day. Good luck with the rest of your trip!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

A piece of Germany in the middle (I guess not really middle) of the US. Nice pics.

Marcie said...

Wonderful old town. Love the architecture and detail you've captured. Looks like a great place!!!

Carole said...

What a pretty town and I love the tree of Life Sue.


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