Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patients at the Turtle Hospital in Port Aransas

This is the covered pavilion with 3 pools, in every one were one or two turtles swimming around, waiting for their release back to the sea

Turtles are very curious animals :)

Upstairs in the same building we got the chance to see some of these poor injured animals. Most of them were sleeping in small plastic pools, getting medicated and observed from the people working here

The shell of this big turtle was all over grown with sea grass - it was a very sad sight

A little baby turtle in a small plastic bucket with water

A poor little baby with only two legs was trying to do some swimming moves

This beautiful big turtle had a cut off leg in the back

There were also other cute little patients - like this seagull with a broken wing

Or this majestic looking sea hawk! He will be released pretty soon.

And this pretty great blue Heron bird was NOT a patient from the hospital, he just showed up and was posing for my camera

Every one of us can become a "Friend of the ARK" - if you are interested to do voluntary work there, click in the link and donate money or donate your time!

Hi my friends,

this was our last day here on this beautiful "Mustang -Island" and in Port Aransas. Tomorrow we will go towards San Antonio and into the "Hill Country". Stay tuned with me!

Susanne and David


Carole said...

Awwwwwwwww poor little things. It so sad to see them like that. But they seem to be in good hands. Great shots Sue

Marcie said...

Incredible! Never thought about turtles being injured before..and needing to be nursed back to health. Wonderful images!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool place, I would love to take a trip and visit this


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