Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Visit at the Citadel College

The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina,

is a state-supported, comprehensive college located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The Citadel is one of the six senior military colleges.

The Citadel has 14 academic departments divided into five schools offering 20 majors and 25 minors. The Citadel is best known for its undergraduate Corps of Cadets military program for men and women, which combines academics, physical challenges and military discipline.

In addition to the cadet program, civilian programs are offered through the Citadel Graduate College with its evening undergraduate and graduate programs. In a partnership with the local community college, Trident Technical College, Citadel bachelor's degrees are offered to evening civilian students in Business, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Students must complete two years at the community college level and two years at the Citadel. This program is known as the 2 + 2 program. The Citadel enrolls almost 2,000 undergraduate cadets in its residential military program and 1,200 civilian students in the evening programs.

While all programs make use of the Citadel campus and professors, cadets and civilian students do not share classes and only cadets live on campus. The exception to this is the veterans program, reinstated in the fall of 2007, which allows cadets who left The Citadel for active military duty to return as civilians, attend classes with cadets, and complete their degrees if certain criteria are met. Cadets also share classes with active-duty enlisted Marine Corps and Navy personnel, who are not required to live on campus or wear cadet uniforms.

Read more about the Citadel College here


Michael said...

Very cool! My wife was raised on the Citadel campus as her father worked in the biology department there for many years and then became the head of that department. She basically lived there from the time she was about 3 years old until she left for college... and then married me!

Are you and your husband on the road yet? If not, when do you leave?

Susanne49 said...

That's really cool, Michael and how small is the world, sometimes, right? We will leave at the 20th of January. Until then is a lot to do...

Thanks for your comment!

Sue said...

You continue to find such interesting subjects to feature in your blog posts.

Photographically speaking, I especially like the composition of the second image.

GMG said...

Hi Sue! See you survived the food and the champagne, and entered 2009 in great shape! ;))
Happy New Year!
Your pictures of the Citadel College are excellent as always! But must confess that not being to keen on armory, the «An Afternoon in the Park» was my favourite of the season. Great light, framing and... views!!
Have a great weekend!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you very much Sue! The other photos are made in a "journalistic speaking", right? :)

Anonymous said...

Very impressive place. Nice shots.

To follow up on Michael's question, where are you headed first or are you just going to "go where the road takes you"?

Susanne49 said...

Hi Gil,

yep, we survided all, you too...right? :)

Thanks for the kind comment.

Susanne49 said...

Hi tricia,

thanks for the comment. We are going "where the wind us blows"...LOL..first to Florida to warm up a little bit, later to the Westcoast....

Gran said...

Great photos, as usual. I've heard about The Citadel, but never knew what it looked like.

Susanne49 said...

And now you know it, I'm glad I could introduce you to the pictures. Thanks for commenting, Gran!


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