Monday, July 07, 2008

Drayton Hall Plantation - Impressions #1

Drayton Hall Plantation House - side view

Looking out to the wonderful park.

A view trough the window.

A pretty stucco ceiling.

The ball room for gorgeous banquets and elegant balls.

The wooden floors are original and still in a beautiful condition.

The hallway to the two stairways to the 2nd floor.

The stairways were partially replaced and are not original anymore.

A big terrace gives you the fantastic view over the huge park and
all the old oak trees

And to the left side you can enjoy the view to the little pond where a lot of big white Heron birds are fishing.

This house has and had NO air conditioners (of course), only to open all the windows helps on a hot summer day, to get some fresh air rotating in the house.

View from the basement window to one of all those impressive old oaks.

Drayton Hall Plantation House

If these walls could talk... Let our guides introduce you to a house that has survived for over 265 years-the only 18th-century plantation house on the Ashley River to survive intact to present day.

Examine the architectural details-the mahogany swags, the hand-carved molding, the plaster ceilings-that make the house renowned.

Meet the families-both white and black-who lived and worked here for generations. Learn about the preservation efforts that keep this house in near original condition today.

Read more about online here


RennyBA said...

Astonishing beautiful and as always, you've capture the atmosphere so well - thanks for sharing.

Actually it reminds me a bit of the Bogstad Minor in Oslo, Norway:

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Renny

for visiting my blog and the nice comment. There are indeed some similar aspects in these two houses to see. :-)

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Gosh, what a beautiful piece of history! It's awesome. I love that little pond... I could just see myself out there watching the heron... what a magical place!!

Susanne49 said...

I'm glad you like this place like I did too, Michele! Thanks for your nice comment.

Bob Johnson said...

Beautiful images Susanne, I can only imagine what it would have been like to actually live in it.

Susanne49 said...

Hi Bob,

thanks for your comment. Me too, I tried to picture myself in those beautiful and elegant dresses and attending all the wonderful ball nights, dancing into the mornings.... must have been a very, very nice life!

Anna said...

Susanne thanks for sharing, this is such a cool house. Anna :)

Susanne49 said...

Yes, the look of the house is cool, I agree with you Anna - but it was HOT in the house, because of NO air conditioning and that stuff... :-)

Thanks for your comment.


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