Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the AWARD goes to:

This Award is created by The Love Blog from Barbara Doduk at

I’m happy to announce this award to my fellow bloggers below. Nominate as many or as few as you feel need to.

The award goes to: Mary’s Blog: “Dream and Feel - Traeumen und Fuehlen” is most written in German but I can feel the LOVE for blogging in every written word from her and in her great photography.You really spread the LOVE, Mary! Reggina tells about her blog: “Being myself is my favorite hobby”. Most posts are written in Rumanian language, but her pictures don’t need any translations, they speak an international language. She spreads the LOVE! Karen and her beautiful and interesting travel blog deserve this award very much. It’s not only the love for traveling what I can feel in her blog, it’s also her big love for photography that she shows in every of her great documentation pictures of her travel – just now she is in Granada, Nicaragua. She spreads the LOVE with living her passion for travels. This is one of the best underwater photography blog I ever have seen. B.N. Sullivan and his outstanding work in photography deserve this award very much. I can feel the LOVE for blogging in his whole work in every post I’m reading. Thanks Bob! Karoline, from “Karoline in the morning” is my absolute favorite blog friend! Go and see and read – and you will know what I’m talking about. Her wonderful mind and her great talent to write in outstanding posts, combined with perfect photography, makes me come back to her blog, every day! You deserve this award, because YOU are spreading the LOVE every day! Twanyia, from “Finding Life’s Enchantment” is a very special person for me. She is living the LOVE in person and with every post she writes, she is spreading the LOVE to the blog world – you can feel it! Please check out her blog and feel the love too.


Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to wake up to this morning. Thank you so much for this award, Sue. I am so very honored. It makes me especially proud when other photographers appreciate my work.

Anonymous said...

thanks Susanne, I'm glad to receive this award from you. It's on my blog now... so that everyone can see it ;)

S-V-H said...

You are very welcome, Bobbie! I really think you deserve it. I like your blogs, special the "The Right Blue" with all you fantastic underwater photos there.

CONGRATS again and sorry to mix up with male and female...:-)

S-V-H said...

You are very welcome Reggina! You deserve it so much! It's my pleasure!

karoline in the morning said...

luv to you sue..thankyou so much for being you and bringing yourself to my blog to visit. i appreciate your thoughts and likewise luv your are wonderful!


S-V-H said...

Nothing to thank, Karoline!!

It's always a big pleasure to read your posts - you deserve this award Girl!


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