Sunday, September 16, 2007

My little Mockingbird


I love to hear the Mockingbird that sits up in my tree
I wonder why he sings so much, or if he sings to me.
He sits up on a branch so high, so he can fly away,
But I know that he likes it there, and that he wants to stay!

I love to hear the Mockingbird that sits up in my tree
If I could reach the limb he's on, I'd put him on my knee.
I'd tell him what a joy he is, to listen to each day
And that I'd like to understand, just what he has to say.

I love to hear the Mockingbird that sits up in my tree
I wish he had a friend sometime, so happy he would be.
I guess that I could be his friend, for he does comfort me,
On lonely nights and rainy days, because I cannot see.

Poetry by Rita P Hestand


RennyBA said...

Never seen a Mockingbird, at least I don't think you find it in Norway so thanks for sharing!
Wishing you a great week ahead too:-)

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Renny,

Thanks for your comment! I think it's not easy to see them anyway, they are sitting up very high in the trees. I was just lucky; I think he liked me

I also, I have never seen one before in my life and I don't know the name even in German for this little cute bird.

Anna said...

What a lovely poem you added to the photo. Thanks for showing us the Mockingbird, I will have to check my photos to see if I got one too, lol. Anna :)

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Anna,
if you have up there where you live, Mockingbirds, I'm sure you have a better picture than this one is. This is just a snap shot, because he flew away after I clicked. :-)
Thanks for commenting!

Michele said...

The Mockingbirds are amazing little birds... what a wonderful little poem.

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Michele,

down here in the Key it was the first time I have seen a Mockingbird myself. I LOVE this little guy! Hi sings maybe 20 different little melodies and it seems he is very happy!:-)

Thanks for commenting.


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