Monday, September 10, 2007


A leaf floating on the water in sunset....


"You make me Smile"


"Tell me more about yourself"


Yesterday it was really my day! :-)

The wonderful and lovely Titania at

Finding Life's Enchantment

sent me a message telling me that she awarded my blog with the
"You make me smile" award - and now I'm smiling about that, Titania - It's a big honor to get this award from you.
Thank you so much, I will post more about this in the coming days and I will forward it to five other fellow bloggers.


And my second surprise of the day came from a person who I admire very much for her work in writing from the first second I have met her and her blog. She is a excellent and experienced writer and a great and wonderful person:

Charlotte R Dixon at Word Strumpet

tagged me with the question:

"What You don't Know about Me"

I am supposed to write 8 points within this theme about myself.

Sometimes, I feel I still don't know everything about myself, either, but I will try :-)


Titania Starlight said...

The floating leaf is similar to my post about finding serenity. I really find serenity in this photo.

I will check back later for you answers to the meme.

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Titania,

Thank you so much for your nice words to this picture. It is that way too I felt when I saw that leaf floating.

Craig Photography said...

Perfect Photo!!!!!!

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi John

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like this one, very much appreciated.

Bob Johnson said...

lol, when I first looked at it I thought is was a UFO, but thats just me, your local UFO guy, great pic.

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi UFO guy!

I like to hear a different sight of view - UFO...? yes...why not??? If you look at long enough, your fantasy sees really a flying object.

Thanks for your comment and your creativity!:-)

legbamel said...

What a restful picture. This would be a fantastic poster for a place you go to relax. You could just sit and contemplate...

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi legbamel,

this is a very nice compliment to this picture, thank you so much. I appreciate that!


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