Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Replacement picture

Ooops... I guess I made a mistake by my post below - I picked the wrong picture as #5.
Please replace that #5 with this one here - in your mind, o.k.? .....smile...:-)


AngkarA said...


Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you for this nice and the shortest comment I ever had! I take it as a compliment!
:)..this is my smile back to you!

Rick said...

Ok Sue..You have to start keeping better track of your palm trees! ;-)

Sue's Daily News said...

Yep, I know, Rick!
I guess I have to recount them all..
thank you for taking your time anyway to look at all these palm trees.:-)

Rick said...

Being able to find hidden beauty in the things we pass by everyday is a special gift...You have that gift. ;-)

Sue's Daily News said...

Thank you so much, Rick! I have no words to such a nice compliment!

www.photosofsingapore.com said...

Hello Sue,
I am simply amazed with your palm pics. I like your composition and how you make full use of the surroundings such as the lightings from the sun to enhance your pics!
Looking through them, makes me go WOW!


Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you, thank you Olivia!

I'm so honored by all these wonderful compliments you made about my photography. I'm happy!:-)


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