Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stormy Clouds

Stormy clouds were forming yesterday evening at the beach and over the whole island and seconds later made you BIG raindrops running back to your car.


Luis said...

Hello, espero que entiendas Español, de todas formas
encantado de conocerte, me gusta tu blog, ire visitandote regularmente, saludos, Luis,

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Ciao Luis,
Mucos gracias por el tuos complimentos por mea blog! :-)) that's my bad Spanish..

Thank you very much for your kind compliment to my photography, I appreciate that. I LOVE your work too.

GMG said...

Hi Sue,
I'm sorry I've been absent for a while, but it's always a pleasure to come back and see your great pictures. The sunset was, again, fabulous. As far as the weather is concerned, this year is absolutely weird. 44º Celsius in Budapest, Istanbul, Athens... with more than 40º, UK flooded. Crazy!
I'm still posting on Provence at Blogtrotter. Better weather then!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi gmg,
I was thinking already where you have been all the time!:-))

Nice to see you back and thanks for the comment to my "stormy" post. I know about Europe's hot and floody weather - Global warming every where, right? It's time to react, if it's not already too late.

Provence, pretty Provence....!
I just get some day ago some pictures from a friend who was there in vacation.

Emma Alvarez said...

What amazing pic. The beautiful storm :)

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Emma,
thank you so much for your kind word to this picture. I appreciate that.

Aayush said...

aah..i love pictures..not like when i got caught in one ! hehe. nice pic !

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Me too, Aayush!
Storm pictures are much for dynamic than plain sunsets. Thanks for your comment.

Rick said...

Now this is my type of weather!!


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