Friday, July 27, 2007

Night on the Bay

I tried to figure it out what this man is thinking just now when the evening comes slowly to the shores:

It's night on the bay
And lights are shinin'
And the sailboats sway
And that cool ocean breeze.
Blowin' down through the keys
I think I'll call it a day
Oh, night on the bay.
Sure feels good to me.

(Neil Young)


Rick said...

Sheeesh! I nbeed to come there just to get away from everything!. love this pics!!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Rick,
Thank you for your kind comment to my photography on the blog. Come down anytime, Key West has a lot of great spots for a relaxing vacation!

GMG said...

Wish I was there... Anyhow, it's not bad where I am: Algarve, on the beach, 27ยบ Celsius, 12:10 am, almost full moon!
I'll post some more pictures at Blogtrotter
Would love to have your comments there!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thanks again for this kind comment! I can imagine on what ind of wonderful place on earth you are just now!

Earl said...

I beautiful spot and a beautiful photo. I love the way the silhouettes frame the water.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Earl,
Thank you for the nice compliment to my photo. I'm so glad you like my work!

Rick said...

I wish I could. I would get a boat and go chase waterspouts!! ;-)

widdermann36 said...

"Der alte Mann und das Meer"...- Kein Wunder, dass E.Hemingway K.W. liebte...

Deine Zwickauer

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hallo meine lieben Zwickauer!

Ja, Hemingway liebte Key West ueber alles, das Bier und die Frauen am meisten!

Vielen Dank fuer den netten Kommentar mit einer lieben Umarmung an Euch beide!

Jackal said...

Invocative image.


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