Thursday, July 12, 2007

Interesting Architecture of Key West

The story of the "Two Sisters Houses" is interesting, because they were built by the father of two sisters who didn't like each other much. Today, the houses are priced in the Millions of Dollars.

The "Artist House" on Eaton Street, built between 1890-98 was formerly the home of Painter Robert Eugene Otto and his wife, Anne, a concert and jazz pianist.

I call it "The Yellow House". It is not really a famous house, just a nice and colorful one with a lovely, lush garden.

The "Boca Casa" shows the typical gingerbread architecture of Key West houses.

The "Southernmost House" is located near the Southernmost Point on the Atlantic side of Duval Street.


Rick said...

The last pic conjures up Fantasy Island...Dee Plane! Wonderful pics!!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Rick,

Key West IS my Fantasy Island - thanks for your comment!

NYCindividual said...

these photos are very quaint and picturesque. Definately makes me want to go there.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

You are always very welcome here in Key West, NYCindividual!

GMG said...

Sue, great pictures! Of course, I'm suspect as I'm a member of the Key West Conch Republic fan club! ;))

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thanks for your kind comment,gmg.:-))

Kuanyin said...

I love Key West. We both live in in KW and me in Maui. Aren't we the lucky ones?

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Kuayin,
YES, we are two lucky girls - we are living our dreams, right?


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