Monday, July 30, 2007

A Full Moon Night in Paradise

It was a wonderful full moon night in paradise!

Moon...Moon...Moon...Come to me
Release me...make me free
Absorb me in your luminesence
Sparkling pathway of your fluorosence
Dancing in the sky
Lovers looking at you sigh
Oceans leap and surge
Stars whirl and merge


widdermann36 said...

Keine Angst vor'm Wehrwolf? - Den gibt's ja gar nicht! - Oder?
Sehr stimmungsvoll, Susanne.

Deine Zwickauer

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Nee Marina, keine Bange!

Werwolfs gibt es nicht mehr.:-)) Und Juergen ist bei dir, sollte es doch noch einmal an das Fenster klopfen mitten in der Nacht, o.k.?

Vielen Dank fuer Euren lieben Kommentar!

looking4good said...

I came here from spycypage (I guess you was my visitor) and I must tell you that I liked your blog very much. The photos are wonderful. Good luck from Portugal.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Greetings back to Portugal and thank you for the nice compliment to my blog!

GMG said...

Well it seems people from Portugal is discovering Paradise, and its most famous blog. Anyhow, I tell you Sue, the full moon on the beach in Algarve was absolutely stunning! I'll show it one day...

Sue's Daily Photos said...

I'm looking forward to your full moon photo from the Algarve coast. I can imagine how wonderful your picture will be - I can't wait!

Thanks for your kind comment, GMG!

Atik said...

Wow,came to this site and found a familiar SPRACHE und wunderschöne bilder auch spezial für the cemetery tomb...That's a COOL words,I Like it!

Thank You,Sue for voted for me ;o)

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Atik,
Thanks for commenting to my blog. I'm glad you like my pictures! Du spirchst ein wenig Deutsch? das freut mich umso mehr. Nice to meet you!


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