Friday, June 29, 2007

Is this the Sun?

Is this our sun - or is this an other planet? Mars maybe or Saturn...?
I can assure you, it IS the setting sun in a red sky over Key West, out in the Gulf, over there by the mangroves!


isabella said...

Looks like a basketball sinking into a net ;-)
Very pretty!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Isabella, you're right....I like your fantasy!:-)) thanks for the comment.

lyliane said...

And me I am Européenne, my mother is Spanish, my nephew is Belgian, my small daughter has an Italian father, my sister lives in Germany at the border of Holland, I go there the next week.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Lyliane, thanks for your comment. You are a real international and do you speak also all the languages...? I'm born in Hungary and I am Hungarian, I have a Swiss passport and I'm married today with an American. A little bit international too, right? :-))


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