Thursday, June 07, 2007

Five Things to do in Key West - Series 7

Today we will visit the historical harbor of Key West where all the sunset cruisers and many privat boats are anchored. The sculpture in the front shows a wrecker looking out to the water to see if there are some unsuspecting ships to loot.

Here is the AIDS-Memorial at Whitehead Pier remembering all those who have died from this illness.

It's Happy-Hour at Louie's Backyard!

At "Dog Beach" is the only place in Key West where you can take a swim with your four-legged friend.

And enjoy on the way back home all these beautiful homes, like this one on Southard Street.


Anonymous said...

Excellent images. I spent two years as an understudy with a National Geography Magazine photojournalist.

Afterwards, I used my skills as a photojournalist/reporter. As of late, unfortunately, I haven't done any work because film is expensive, and so is upgrading to digital.

So I took up public relations instead.

I found your blog on Blogcatalog --you had viewed mine (


Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Rodger,

I'm very honored about your kind comment to my photography - from a guy who worked for National Geographic!


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