Friday, January 12, 2007

Harley Davidson

Available in:
8" x 10" - $ 28.00 Buy with PayPal
11" x 14" - $ 35.00 Buy with PayPal
Larger sizes can be made on request
Key West is a well known destination for Bikers who are driving down to the island from allover the U.S. Everyday you can see these shiny polished, impressive and most time just very loud Harleys (and others too) roaming up and down Duval Street. See and to be seen is everything for a biker, I guess...
Jedes Jahr findet hier in Key West die "Biker Week" statt, was immer Hunderte von Motorraedern aller Groessen und Marken auf die Insel bringt. Aber auch unterm Jahr sieht man viele dieser "heissen Stuehle" Duvalstrasse unueberhoerbar auf und ab rohren. Sehen und gesehen werden.... da schlaegt jedes Bikers Herz schneller!

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