Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Empty Beach

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11" x 14" - $ 75.00 Buy with PayPal
Larger sizes can be made on request
Believe it or not, Smather's Beach is not a natural beach at all. It is a made up beach with a lot of planted nice palmtrees and white sand from the Bahamas - only the color of the water is original all the time. But it is always a wunderful place to swim in the Atlantic, for snorkeling or just to enjoy your days off from work. And it is also the spot where I'm doing a lot of weddings.
Dies ist Smather's Beach in Key West am Atlantic gelegen. Es ist keine natuerliche Beach, denn der Sand kommt von den Bahamas und die Palmen sind eingepflanzt worden - nur das Meer in seinen schillernden Farben ist original. Aber trotzdem ist es ein sehr schoener Strand und bietet Moeglichkeiten fuer allerlei sportliche Aktivitaeten - oder sehr schoen auch nur "die Seele baumeln zu lassen" in der Sonne und die Haut von der Meeresbrise umschmeicheln zu lassen. Und an diesem Strand entstehen uebrigens auch die meisten meiner Hochzeitsfotos.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking about "the B&W lovers". This kind of picture lets me "imagine" how the colour of the sea looks like, how white the sand would be, how green the palm trees really are.... and that's why I like B&W. The viewer can let loose his own sense of imagination and he can create of "look" for himself.
"Thinking, Imagination, Creation, Guessing, Assuming, ..." I love this way of art !!

Keep the B&W's coming ;-)



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